Welcome to the future web site of your dental lab!

Why get a web site for your dental lab?

Grow your lab.

• Get new customers and improve customer service with a website for your dental lab.

• If you don’t have your own full website you are less likely to be found when dental professionals are searching on the Internet for dental labs.

• Don’t lose new customers because you don’t have a website!

Decrease administration.

• Allow customers to fill out forms online.

• Educate customers on your website so they know more about the services you provide.

Provide more Premium services.

• By advertising the benefits to dental professionals on your website help create demand for services and products like:

– Premium denture cases

– Relines

– Orthodontics

– Dental appliances

What’s included?

• Securing a domain name for your lab (www.mydenturelab.com)

• Free initial setup of one of our templates for your site.

• Hosting of your website.

• Add-ons for Facebook, Twitter, Google Adwords and more are available.

How to get started?

Call us today and we will quickly collect the information we need to get your site up and running.

We have been making websites for the dental industry since 1997 so you can be assured the special needs of your denture clinic is in good hands.

For more information visit our web site or contact us now to start the process.